Dr. Michael LoGiudice,  Doctor of Chiropractic Why Choose Linn City Chiropractic?
  • Primary Spine Care Provider
  • Referral for x-rays/MRI/CT, when indicated
  • Superior Patient Ratings
  • Immediate results
  • Safe for all ages
  • Protocols for common injuries
  • Treatment aims to heal and enhance
  • Avoid unnecessary drugs or surgery

"A Primary Spine Provider (PSP) The PSP is a health care professional who is specially trained to provide front-line management for patients with SRDs. The PSP has the skills necessary to provide differential diagnosis and management for the majority of patients with SRDs, without referring for a majority of the cases. In addition, this practitioner has the ability to recognize those relatively few patients who require special tests (X-Ray, CT, MRI, and Lab) and invasive procedures (injections, nerve blocks, surgery) ."

Straight-to-the-point treatment protocols! Try the rest! Pick us when you need results.
  • Injuries, repetition, and even sudden movements can change your normal range-of-motion (ROM), cause pain, dysfunction, change spinal mechanics, alignment, and cause motion irregularities
  • We treat soft tissue injuries, compressed nerves, muscle pathology, connective tissue, and aim to prevent degenerative changes from becoming disabling.

Linn City Chiropractic - We have a technique to get your back to business
  • Activator Method -- a soft technique using a mechanical adjuster for the anxious patient
  • Arthrostim --Electric adjustment device, releases trigger points/muscle spasm
  • Chiropractic adjustment -- a controlled force, leverage, direction, amplitude, and velocity into stuck or fixated joint(s)
  • Cox/McKenzie protocol -- a mechanical flexion treatment table decompresses spinal structures disc pain
  • Manual therapy -- treatment using hands that directly contact the body
  • Manipulation -- a specific thrust to move a joint in order to restore normal ROM
  • Mobilization -- movement applied within the physiological range
  • GRASTON technique -- scar tissue mobilization using instrument
  • Spinal Decompression -- decompress herniations/bulging discs; the #1 alternative to surgery
  • Vibra-Cussor -- for musculoskeletal pain and myofascial syndrome, trigger point therapy using vibration
  • < li>Bracing/Taping Kinesio, and sport taping, durable medical equipment, to limit movement

What is the next step:
  • Intake forms, Examination, Diagnosis, Treatment duration, Prognosis, Treatment plan. Referrals/advanced diagnostics when clinically indicated, Collaborate with other providers. Bill your insurance.
  • We are a results-driven practice. Our patients talk; we listen. We are a word-of-mouth primary spinal care clinic. Our vision commits us unequivocally to our mission and inspires us to help those that need it and are willing to put in the effort needed.

    Our patient base is heavily diversified: Ages 1-68, Sedentary to athletic, Acute and chronic pain patients. Auto accident, work, and sports Injuries. Weekend warriors and active adolescents; Aches and pains, pinched nerves, and sciatica Special Population: Young (toddler and adolescent) children, Expectant Mothers, Military and Emergency personnel and we also care for dogs.

    Disease is a condition treated by medical doctors.

    Dys-ease: painful movement is a condition treated by chiropractors.

    Cascade Orthopedic Massage is co-located. Jorge Kuri, LMT, CMMT provides Orthopedic, Medical, and Therapeutic Massage